Spiral Journal

Always Stand Proud


Writing Behind Front Cover: 

Be True to Yourself and realize how great you really are! And please don't feel you have to do incredible feats to be great. As Mother Teresa so profoundly put it: ​​“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 

So, don’t fret if you don’t become a CEO, a Rock Star, or a Movie Star. 

That doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded.

 Success in life is measured by  the actions we do day-to-day.  

Smiling at someone when they are down; giving a helping hand to any who might need it. Small, kind gestures, these are the greatest gifts we can give to someone and ourselves. So, what makes a person Great? How they treat others & themselves.  Oh, and don’t forget our critters too!   Then you can, 

 Always Stand Proud.


  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Pages: 216/108 sheets            
  • Paper: 60 lb. unlined 
  • Laminated  (5 mil) Front & Back Covers
  • Binding: Black Spiral-wire O 
  • Made in the USA with T.L.C.
  • Quotes and insights are scattered inside the journal 

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the Story behind Always Stand Proud . . .

 ​​When I was living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I went to the boardwalk in Yarmouth Port.  As I was walking down it, I spotted this seagull standing on the railing, very proud, very regal ... like King Authur admiring his kingdom, so I started taking his picture.  

     As I got closer & closer, he never moved an inch.  

​     "You really want your picture taken," I said to him.  

​     He didn't answer back; he just stayed perched on his throne. 

     Finally, almost face to face, I did one more 'click'.  This time he looked right at me and smiled . . . with his eyes.  

     The twinkle in them was breathtaking.  Then he flew off.  

     When I decided to make these journals, I instantly chose him for one of my covers.  

     My King Arthur is the epitome to Always Stand Proud and honor who you are. 

     Thank You King Arthur . . . May you live forever in our hearts & soul.