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Create Your Own Path

Journal Create Your Own Path

Writing Behind Front Cover: 

To Create Our Own Path we need to 

follow the sage advice of  Winston Churchill . . .
​​ "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”


  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Pages: 216/108 sheets            
  • Paper: 60 lb. unlined 
  • Durable 130 lb. Pacesetter soft touch Front & Back Covers
  • Binding: Black Spiral-Wire O 
  • Made in the USA with  T.L.C.
  • Quotes and insights are scattered inside the journal

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the Story behind Create Your Own Path . . .


One stormy winter a Nor'easter blasted Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
     This picture is of Barristers Walk, the street our house was on in the village of Dennis.

     The wind was blowing like Mariah and snow was flying everywhere.  It was incredible!  

     Mother Nature at her best, I always say.  

     I decided to take my camera and go outside to capture all the beauty of virgin snow covering the ground, unspoiled by humans.

     Later, after I downloaded this picture, it made me think about someone walking into the unknown, unable to predict what lies ahead, but determined not to let fear get in their way.

     I asked my sister to draw a woman walking, determined to face whatever life throws her way.  
     The woman reminded me of our mother and grandmothers, my father and grandfathers, and so many other women and men around the world who conquered life with unwavering determination and an inner strength so powerful nothing could stop them . . . the main ingredients to Create Your Own Path.
     I like to add one last thought that, I must admit, I'm constantly reminding myself of . . .
     Don't be afraid to explore the unknown ... it might bring you exactly what you what.