Spiral Journal

Don't Let Anyone Pull Your Strings


 Writing Behind Front Cover: 

 ​Don’t let anyone pull your strings also means don't You  pull your own strings!  We pile on a lot of guilt, worry, wanting to please others (which I must say is a major pulling of anyone's strings) along with a host of other unnecessary hang-ups we stack upon ourselves that hold us back.  Keep your insecurities in check because if you don't, 

they will allow Others You  to pull your strings.  So … embrace your insecurities, then they won’t dominate your life & control you! 

Own it! 


  •  Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Pages: 216/108 sheets            
  • Paper: 60 lb. unlined 
  • Laminated  (5 mil) Front & Back Covers
  • Binding: Black Spiral-wire O 
  • Made in the USA with T.L.C.
  • Quotes and insights are scattered inside the journal 

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the Story behind Don't Let Anyone Pull Your Strings . . .

To learn more about my camera, I decided to take a basic camera course at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable, MA. 

     Our instructor gave us an assignment to create something different.  I decided to let my imagination fly.  I took my stuffed animal, Koko, and this female puppet I got in Spain, and went to work.  

     It took me several hours to get this whole scene set up.  First, I had to conquer Koko seating on the top of my lounge chair by using fish wire and clear tape.  The next feat was keeping his hands up to hold the wooden stick that moves her strings.  Keeping the page in an upright position was another feat.  I got a small rock and put it behind the page, carefully positioning it so it wouldn't show.

     When the teacher put my photo up on the screen to have the class critique and review it, I looked around to watch their initial reaction.  I was happy to see smiles. 
      Later, I decided to put it in a photo competition our camera store was having, but they required each photo to have a title.  My friend said, "I've got it.  Don't let anyone pull your strings. 

Viola!  He hit the nail on the head.  

      So, please remember . . . ​"Don't let anyone pull your strings!"