Spiral Journal

I Can See Clearly Now


 Writing Behind Front Cover: 

I can see clearly now means looking at life through children's eyes.  Theirs are free of worry, fear, prejudices and the clutter of daily thoughts.  They see life, people, with untainted eyes.  So, what are your waiting for?  Take a chance . . . look at life through a child’s eyes; free your brain & let go of your hang-ups.  You'll love it, and the best part of it all, you'll see Clearly Again.  Remember, you were a child once.  Why not take that breath of fresh air?  Then you can . . .

 ​​"Always be on the lookout  for the presence of wonder."

E.B. White


  •  Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Pages: 216/108 sheets            
  • Paper: 60 lb. unlined 
  • Laminated  (5 mil) Front & Back Covers
  • Binding: Black Spiral-wire O 
  • Made in the USA with T.L.C.
  • Quotes and insights are scattered inside the journal

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the Story behind I Can See Clearly Now . . .

Halloween . . . my favorite time of the year!

     Especially on Cape Cod, MA.  The people really get into the spirit of Ghost, Goblins, Witches ... it's wonderful!  Tons of pumpkins and hay rides.  And just about everyone decorates their home.
     Unfortunately, one Halloween my witch got broken and she needed repair.  So, I put her in our kitchen chair upside down to glue her back together.  

     As I was waiting for the glue to set in, I couldn't but help laugh because she looked so funny with her legs up in the air, all topsy-turvy.  
     Then it hit me!  If we looked at life upside down we'd probably see clearer.  As we grow up things become complicated and distorted; we become too serious looking at life right side up.  We need to flip our views around.  Like my witch.  

    I had to take her picture so I would remember this moment and my silly epiphany: we need to flip around our way of viewing life.   

     So, when I decided to put some journals together, this was definitely one of my choices.  

     If we flipped our views around, we might just see clearly again.